A Global Leading

Interactive Streaming Platform

for the games[Esports & OTT]

Introduction of ArenaCast

ArenaCast is the world 1st interactive streaming eSports/Sports platform, 

offering eSports/Sports social game

The combination between the streaming service and the social game is 

the core value of 5G content that global millennials love most

ArenaCast will be the global leading platform for e-Sports/Sports contents 

by bringing together each entity (players, streamers, and media) to one ecosystem 

where they can benefit from one another with new monetization model


Playground for Global Sports Fans!

Liven up your favorite sports and dive into the live game!

Play with your Token or Game Cash and earn your bragging rights!

Track your sports with the fastest live score updates!


The combination between Rankingball Game and eSports Streaming


Streaming eSports with gamified interaction between the streamer and the viewer.


Join the interactive game for free on streaming platform!


Gain some points according to the game performance.

ArenaCast App

Project Roadmap

ArenaCast Service Platform scheduled to be launched


1st Fundraising from 3VCs 


Launch of RankingBall Soccer Beta Service & 2nd Fundraising


Official launch of RankingBall eSports (LOL, CSGO)


Introduction of Blockchain & Tokens publication


Launch of RankingBall MLB Beta service & 3rd Fundraising


Official launch of RankingBall NBA(Oct),

NFL(Sep), Soccer(Aug) Services


Official launch of RankingBall MLB service


Launch of Global Top 5 Sports/eSports Service


 ArenaCast U.S Headquarters Founded


Official Partnership with SBS in providing of Real-time prediction services of European Soccer


Embark service development on Global market (European Soccer)

& North America (NFL, MLB, NBA)


Launch of LiveBall Paid Services


KT Cloud Gaming MOU



Official MOU with KBS in Sports events & Broadcasting contents

Head of development

Blockchain expert

Min Lee

Back-end developer 

Blockchain expert

Bryan Kim

Head of Design

James Cho

Front-end developer

Blockchain expert

Kurt Jeon

Mobile service developer

Blockchain expert

Oscar Hong

Head of game design

Kei Choi

Back-end developer

Vincent Ahn

Mobile service developer

Moon Kim

Digital Marketing

Camden Bernhardt


Advisory for Sports/eSports Streaming & Gaming

Ken Hershman

ArenaCast Team

Charles Chang  | CTO

Wibe Wagemans  | CMO

Darren Kim  | CEO

Casey Lee

Marketing Director

Mike Cho

eSports Div Director

Rich Roberts

Sports Gaming Div Director

Advisory for Legal and Compliance

John Mackewich

Advisory for Gaming and BC Economy

Malcolm Tan

Advisory for Finance and Blockchain Economy

Kris Ghil

Advisory for Korea Business Development

Jason Jong Hyun Lee

Advisory for Legal and Compliance

Folkert Graafsma



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E-mail | info@arenacast.io